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Announcement XIII Rastok Fest

Announcement XIII Rastok Fest

Rastok Fest (RF) is a music festival organized by Unique youth organizations from Jelah and deals with issues of culture and social activism of young people. RF is for 12 years now successfully organized and gathers above all lovers of good music of different genres as well as various artists and youth leaders/activists from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkans.

RF is designed to promote young demo bands, artists and youth leaders/activists through the creation of an independent social and cultural space open and appealing to all young people.

RF allows young people to become agents of cultural change and promoters of democratic processes, peace, tolerance, volunteerism, cultural diversity and understanding, non-formal education and human rights.

RF actively contributes to the building of peace and tolerance and the development of social, economic, cultural and tourist capital of Tešanj Municipality and the region.

RF also contributed actively to the cultural needs of young people, active involvement of young people in the creation of various cultural events, then the affirmation of young demo bands, artists and youth leaders, the development and strengthening of social interaction and cohesion among young people as well as creating opportunities for occasionally employment of young people.

As well as 12 years ago, Unique Youth Organization Jelah will again organize the thirteenth in a row, RF that will take place on 07th and 08th August 2015. Organizers will subsequently determine and inform the public about the exact location of this year’s XIII RF.

On 15 March 2015, JOM Jelah will publish a public call for applications demo bands to participate in this year’s XIII RF which will be open until 01st May 2015. After closing the public invitation, until 10th May 2015, the RF commission for the selection of bands will, of the total number of applicants, choose 20 bands that will go through an online poll. Online voting will last until 24th May 2015, after which it will be up to 1st June to establish and publish a final list of bands that will perform at this year’s XIII RF.

This year’s XIII RF will except the music part include a range of daily activities such as:

Competition for the best Rastok song on “The sky is big enough for us all equally embraced” (plus evening of poetry),
Graffiti workshop “Rastok Time Machine” (in the open),
Rastok photo competition “Coexistence and cultural interdependence” (plus exhibition photos)
The three-day camp video activism “The role of music in human culture”
One day training “Organization of cultural events (festivals), from idea to realization”
One day training “Project management in the cultural sector”.

For all the daily activities of direct participants will be chosen exclusively through public calls to be published in the coming period and that will contain detailed information and conditions of participation.

Aside from the daily activities in the framework of XIII RF, UYO Jelah will organize several daily activities for which we expect support and more about everything we will inform you in the following period.

For all direct participants we will provid travel expenses, accommodation (RASTOK CAMP), food and refreshments.

XIII RF will be implemented in cooperation with:
-Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD) Tešanj,
Putuj X Jelah,
-Youth Council Srebrenica,
-NGOs ToPeeR Doboj,
-Darko Saračević Travnik,
Opera Circus UK (The Complete Freedom of Truth project),
-University of Manchester, UK In Place of War ‘IPOW’ program).

Current donors and sponsors XIII RF are:
-The US Embassy in BiH,
-Tešanj Municipality,
-Local community Jelah.

Our bridge is music and a dialogue without borders…


March 9th, 2015

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